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Senior Deep Learning Engineer

  • Цена договорная
  • Дата публикации: Июнь 1, 2022
  • Дата изменения: Июнь 1, 2022
    • Тбилиси, Грузия

Andersen, an international IT company, invites an experienced Senior Deep Learning Engineer to join its team to work with a US company.

The project is the creation of new solutions, such as intelligent personal assistants for enterprise engineers. These are SaaS solutions that operate with data and knowledge sources, analyzing them and using them to solve specific problems.

The customer is a company that provides the financial sector and various business areas with necessary analytical services, including data, expertise, and technology for making daily decisions.

Tech stack on the project: Python, MLOps, ML models, ML/DL.

Место работы (страна, город) - სამუშაო ადგილი - Duty station: Грузия
Название вакансии / Должность - თანამდებობა - Job position: Senior Deep Learning Engineer
Работодатель / Компания (название) - Employer's Name: Andersen
Конечная дата приёма резюме / CV - Deadline: 01.07.2022
Краткое описание работодателя - Briefly about Employer: Andersen Is A Pre-IPO Software Development Company Providing A Full Cycle Of Services. For Over 14 Years, We Have Been Helping Enterprises And Middle-Sized Firms Worldwide Transform Their Businesses By Creating Effective Digital Solutions Using Innovative Technologies.
Andersen Is A European IT Company Uniting Over 3,100 Top-Class Professionals: Developers, Architects, Testers, Analysts, And Other Specialists. Our Employees Are Located All Over The World, But We All Are Andersen Family.
Operating In The Market Since 2007, We Have Developed More Than 1,000 Outstanding Projects For The Financial Sector, Healthcare, Logistics, Travel And Hospitality, Telecom, The Automotive Industry, Etc.
Among Andersen’s Customers Are Samsung, Johnson &Amp;Amp;Amp; Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, TUI, Verivox, Media Markt, Shypple, And Other Corporations. Thanks To The Acquired Expertise And Reputation, We Have A Stable Influx Of High-Tech Projects From The Above Companies And New Customers.
We Have Been Repeatedly Recognized In Various Countries As The Best IT Employer.
Andersen Offers A High Salary, Comfortable Working Conditions, A Considerable Social Package, Professional Growth, And Certification.
Working Remotely Or At The Office — It’s Up To You.
Join Our Team!
Должностные обязанности - მოვალეობები - Duties: - Influencing the strategy and vision of ML/DL research, tools, pipelining, optimization, deployment, and MLOps for the AI department ;
- Building and optimizing ML/DL training, testing, and inference pipelines for the latest GPU hardware and cloud environments;
- Developing modern DL architectures optimized to meet production requirements;
- Productionizing AI/ML projects.
Требования к кандидату - მოთხოვნები - Requirements: - Experience in ML projects for 4+ years;
- Solid understanding of DL methods and their math; 
- Hands-on experience with the deployment of ML models to production environments;
- Knowledge of tools and methods for model optimization;
- Strong algorithmic skills;
- Solid experience with Python;
- Experience with Linux;
- BS degree in Math and Computer Science or related field; 
- Level of English – Intermediate.

- MS or PhD degree;
- Programming experience with C++.
Условия работы - სამუშაო პირობები - Working conditions: Reasons why this job would be interesting to you:
- Andersen cooperates with such businesses as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, TUI, Verivox, Media Markt, Shypple, etc. This project is just your beginning here – working with us means reliability and prospects;
- We have been strengthening our expertise since 2007. During this time, we have formed excellent teams with streamlined processes, where you can learn something new from your colleagues every day and enjoy your work;
- We welcome specialists from every part of the world;
- Salaries at Andersen are pegged to the US dollar, and our employees are provided with a benefit package and an extensive set of bonuses;
- There are many different ways to grow and develop at our company. You can improve as a specialist or a manager, and all your activities will be decently rewarded;
- Our employees have access to Andersen Knowledge Base, where they can take courses on the art of negotiation, project management, Machine Learning and Data Analysis, DevOps practices, programming languages, cloud services, and more.

We invite you to join our team!

Как откликнуться на вакансию - როგორ უნდა მიმართოს - How to apply: cv.python@andersenlab.com

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